Who is Hookahman?

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Hookahman aka The Black Sheep Of Rap is an upcoming Hip-Hop artist out of Pittsburgh, PA.   Being looked at as a "youngin" on the hip-hop  scene for five years strong its time he makes his mark and his presence known.

He was raised on the East Side of Pittsburgh, PA amongst the poverty stricken neighborhoods.  Later moving to the Mon Valley area, which is also a small poverty neighborhood on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. Growing up Hookahman bounced back and forth between homes of his mom and dad and  began to find solace within the streets and made them his number one priority. Hookaman always loved music. He was always into lyrical artist like KRS1, J. Cole, Beanie Siegel who are some of his top influences. With the streets taking over his life he would get a peace of mind by making beats in his home with a home studio he purchased by way of street money at the age of 14. Eventually he started writing and realized he had talent. Being the second to the youngest of four boys made him feel like the "black sheep" so he wanted to stand out. Living the street life was glorifying however short lived for him. At the age of 17 many of Hookahmans classmates and associates had fallen victim to the streets and then it hit home, Hookahman was robbed at gun point. With his life flashing before his eyes he vowed to himself if he came out of this situation unscathed he will focus on school and music.

At the age of 19 Hookahman has graduated from  high school as well as from a Technical Institute receiving a degree in Building Maintenance. Not only is he working a career to provide for his family and live comfortably, he is ready to expose the world to his craft. He has a raw and rugged delivery with a vast variety of punchlines and metaphors. Hookahman has a versatile flow that separates him from many artist. Being compared to artist such as Montana 300 and Hopsin has been motivation to go into overdrive. He is currently working on two hit singles "Closer To Death" and "Hookah Baby" both produced by Ty Milla & DreamSlide Productions  (DSP).  Hookaman is expected to release his freshman EP titled "The Shadow Of Sins" late October. He feels that the positive message has been obsolete quite sometime in the game and he is determined to bring it back. Stay tuned to  Hookahman, The Black Sheep as he makes his way in the game and brings the real back into hip-hop and gives it what its been missing.